The Rest of the Tour

Hi folks, it's a couple weeks later and I finally have a moment in the wee hours to tell you that we survived the long drive to Delaware! We didn't even get lost, and arrived at the hall in Arden just about at 1pm, an hour before the dance. The dance went well, with many familiar faces in the dance lines. Our experience was almost marred by having nowhere to lay our heads that night. There'd been a change in leadership among the dance organizers, and finding us a host had fallen through the cracks. Fortunately, the new organizer, Tori Barone, offered us a room in her house. It's not the first time we've all stayed in one room, so no problem. However, it WAS the first time Sadie (Tour Dog Extraordinaire #2) had encountered an "attack cat". Burglars, beware! Stay away from the cute little house with the star over the door.....the marmalade cat within considers it his sacred duty to protect that house! Sadie was quite confused - HER kitties are never so rude! Well, every one survived and her respect for cats has taken another quantum leap... I left a very nice pizza party that evening to meet with the Brandywine Dulcimer Club. We spent a couple hours exploring all kinds of ideas about mountain dulcimers, communication, music, language, passion, ....oh, and hammer-ons and pull-offs, flat-picking vs. strumming, and the importance of adapting your playing to the situation you are in. A big thanks goes to Bill Collins for setting up the workshop for me. It was a very pleasant way to wind up the tour.

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