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....superb dulcimer playing.... In fact, I found myself wondering, "How in the world does she do that?" as I listened to the dulcimer mirror what the fiddle was playing, note for note. This is a wonderful contradance recording.” - Neal Walters

— Dulcimer Player News

If your musical background stops at the Mason-Dixon line on its way north, you might expand your purview by listening closely to this album...” - Lyle Lorgren

— Old Time Herald

...shows a fine flair for melody and rhythm...A nicely arranged and lively collection of music.” - Jim Lee

— Dirty Linen

This album rocks!” - Peter Barnes <br> (Yankee Ingenuity, Bare Neccesities, Latter Day Lizards) <br>
Wow! Imagine my surprise at getting your site and Charlotte's Waltz when I entered the name into my search engine! I love this waltz! I enjoy your playing and your 'Waiting for the Perseids' album. It's my new favorite. Many of the songs are ones I play on my fiddle. Now I will add this beautiful waltz to my song list. Thanks again.” - Deb from Florida