T-Acadie on Southern Tour #7

We headed back to Asheville to play the Old Farmer's Ball at Warren Wilson College. The weather has finally changed and it's cooler and a little rainy - that's a relief for us Mainers. The dance is held in Bryson Gym, which is the only hall I've been in that has a rock-climbing wall at the far end! That and the quilts hung everywhere to absorb sound make it quite colorful. This time we had the rare treat of having Bill just play guitar, and not call. He's amazingly good at calling and playing at the same time, but it was fun not having to share him with the dancers for a change. Mary Keith Cornett called and did a real nice job with interesting dances and a gentle manner. The crowd was a little “small” due to end of semester deadlines, but that means there were “only” 200 people there! There were too many beautiful women at this dance, says Jim – he got a little distracted! There was also a lot of flat-footing on the floor, very fun to watch. We were happy to see Weogo Reed at the sound board, and as always he took excellent care of us. After the dance, fiddler Laura Lenick joined us, Mary Keith, and Sandy Cornett for a little party back at Diane Silver's, once again our host for the night. Thanks, Diane!

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