T-Acadie on Southern Tour #6

During the day Wednesday we slept(!) and prepared for our house concert in the evening in Durham. The heat wave is continuing with temps in the 90s every day. We're still trying to acclimate to it. Jim went for a walk in the near-by Bog Garden, and saw lots of baby ducklings and goslings, big turtles, and a water moccasin that had just eaten – we hope NOT one of the baby birds. The house concert was a hoot! This was the third one we've done at the home of Paul Fackler and Marilyn Hartman. The room was comfortably full, with many dancers from the Winston-Salem dance the night before as well as folks we recognized from past concerts and new people, too! Fun was had by all, especially us, and the party and tune session afterwards was delightful! We enjoyed seeing Linda Cooper, again, dancer, caller, clogger and dance organizer from the Chapel Hill area, David DiGuisseppe arrived part way through the concert with his accordion, and fiddler Buz Lloyd showed up in time for the session. I never got everyone's name, but there was a hammered dulcimer, an electric cello, a silver flute, yet another accordion player (Bruce, from the lowest corner of the state – he got the award for having driven the farthest for the concert), and a smattering of other instruments including our host, Paul, on fiddle. Quebecois tunes reigned supreme, of course, with three, yes, three accordions! Paul and the flutist played some lovely Irish jigs, too. One tune that particularly stood out to me was a Breton tune the David D. and Paul played. We recently did a workshop at NEFFA with a Breton singer, and the two things have really piqued my interest in Breton music. Paul sent us off with a cd of Breton music, which we are enjoying as I type this!

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