T-Acadie on Southern Tour #5

The repairman at Acoustic Corner was very helpful, spent quite a bit of time tinkering with my dulcimer to see what the problem was. It was not a loose brace, which is what I was worried about, just the shell of the pick-up plug had come loose inside the dulcimer. Not serious, but a little bit of a hassle to fix. He wouldn't charge me for it, so I gave him a copy of my “Trestle Bridge” CD as a thank you, and we continued on our way. Next stop was at the Song of the Wood music store. Jerry Read Smith, owner of the store, is a great hammered dulcimer player and maker. His store specializes in mountain and hammered dulcimers. I wasn't going to buy anything, but......there was this walnut and redwood McSpadden baritone dulcimer hanging on the wall that needed a home in the North. Really. I've been wanting a baritone for a long time, and this one had a warm and focused tone that appealed to me. A baritone is tuned a fifth lower than standard, and I think it will lie in a good range for my voice. Again, I left a copy of “The Trestle Bridge”, this time because Jerry's version of “The Strayaway Child” was my source for that tune, and I recorded it on “The Trestle Bridge”. I thought it only right to give him a copy. The Tuesday night Winston-Salem dance was fun, as always. Sadie the tour dog was happy, because she was allowed in the hall at this dance. Her “job” (this is a border collie, remember) at the break is to play with every single person in the hall that is willing to throw her toy, and to lie on stage, tail a-wagging, with the band while the dance is going on. Tim had the sound all set up and waiting for us when we got there - sound on stage was great, and the dancers were kicking up their heels and having a great time. The mirrors along the wall made the hall look twice as big and twice as full as it actually was, though it was a little disorienting for Bill to see half the dancers swinging backwards!Much to Carol Thompson's delight, Bill called “The Wild Woman from No. Carolina”, which he had written for her after our first tour in N.C. After the dance we headed for our “home away from home” at Rod Eden's place in Greensboro. (Rod of “Rod's Grits”, another Bill composition)

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