T-Acadie on Southern Tour #3

We lingered at Bridgette and Don's as long as we possibly could, ate way too much at brunch, then headed back to Glen Echo for the Sunday night dance. This is a more experienced dance crowd than Friday's dance, and about half as large. No problem, though – they more than made up for it with their enthusiasm and style! Dave Shewmaker was there providing a rhythmic counterpoint to the band all night as he flat-footed his way through the dances, and we were happy to see many folks who had been at the Friday and Saturday night dances too. Our hosts that night were Jamie and Betsy Platt. Jamie has been our sound man at Glen Echo the last several times we've played there. We always request Jamie as our sound man, and he does an outstanding job. We haven't seen anyone more attentive to our needs on stage as well as the sound in the hall than Jamie is. Betsy hired us for the Friday night dance many years ago the fist time we played at Glen Echo, and is was a delight to see her again, as well.

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