Random thoughts and updates

Here in Maine we've had a rather soggy spring. I'm suprised by how late my garden is going in, in spite of the mild winter. Good news - the new baby chicks are just fine and growing quickly. My asparagus came up early and last week I did get the upper part of the garden tilled and planted, so soon we'll have spinach. This may not be a good year for tomatoes or melons, though! Musically things are much hotter than the weather! The summer is filling up with lots of gigs here at home (and who wouldn't want to be in Maine for the summer!) One new quirk is that the resort my band T-Acadie has played at for several years has switched our event from Saturday nights to Wednesday nights. That means that for the first time in a long time I am (we are) available for Saturday night gigs, in or out of Maine. It happened a little late to book festivals, but we are still getting calls for private events. Jimmyjo & the Jumbol'Ayuhs has discovered a great venue right in Westbrook, ME at Chicky's Fine Diner. It's the perfect atmosphere for a Cajun dance band, right down to the tiny dance floor! We'll be playing there the first Friday of every month for the foreseeable future. Plans are afoot to do some live recording there this summer. Chicky and Blake are great supporters of live music and we really appreciate their commitment to all the musicians who play at Chicky's Fine Diner.

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