The Trestle Bridge

On this 2002 recording of dulcimer instrumentals, Pam plays Appalachian dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, and flute. She is joined by Jumbol'ayuh and T-Acadie members Bill Olson, Jim Joseph, and Jumbol'ayuh percussionist Keith Garavoy, as well as by Turkey Hollow members Dave Rowe and Denny Breau. The dulcimer on this recording is cherry and butternut (pictured above) and was made by Jeremy Seeger.

* Coleman's March/Over the Waterfall/Spotted Pony * My Darling Asleep/Jackson's Morning Brush * Swinging on a Gate/Blueberry Mountain Reel * Lucky Lady/Cats on the Ceiling * Midnight on the Water * The Silver Thaw/Cold Frost Morning/Kitchen Girl * Sally in the Garden/The Strayaway Child * Spring Sparrows/The Cats & the Fiddles * Reel des Jeune Maries/Payes de Haut * Schottis after Timas Hans i Ore * The Trestle Bridge

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