Food for Your Feet

This release from 1995 features traditional and contemporary dance tunes from French Canada, the British Isles, New England, and Appalachia plus a few of our favorite songs. Pam Weeks (fiddle, mountain dulcimer, vocals), Jim Joseph (banjo, accordion, percussion, vocals), Bill Olson (bass, vocals), Greg Anderson (hammered dulcimer, vocals), and Eric Weest Johnson (guitar, vocals). Scrod Pudding still has a 3rd Saturday contradance at the Bowdoinham Town Hall in Bowdoinham, Maine, and performs around the New England area. 

"Their sound is infectious and authentic; you really can't keep your feet still listening to it." - Dulcimer Player News

*Glencolumkille/Sheehan's Reel/The Merry Blacksmith * Little Streams of Whiskey * Swing Away/Mackilmoyle's Reel/Golden Wedding Reel * Flying Cloud Cotillion/Ships Are Sailing/Tour of Puget Sound * Wild Rose of the Mountain * Reel des Jeunes Maries/Eskimo Reel/Ice on the Pond * Hommage a Philippe Bruneau * Magpie/Rock the Cradle Joe/Growlin' Old Man, Grumblin' Old Woman * Far From Home/John Howatt's Reel/Spootiskerry/ * Eight More Miles to Louisville/Dinah * Lady of the Lakes 1,2, & 3 * Star Quadrille/Indian Point * Washington's March

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